Foxes, join the Fleet

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Hello! Ik ben een Braziliaan die in Nederland woont en ik ben ook een muziekliefhebber. Ik had het genoegen om naar het Fleet Foxes concert in de Heineken Music Hall te Amsterdam te gaan en wil dit bescheiden overzicht, geschreven in het engels, met jullie delen.

Robin Pecknold
A few months ago a friend invited me to a concert of a band called “Fleet Floxes” and I had no idea of which band she was talking about. Later she showed me one of their most famous music named “Mykonos” and apologized for the mistaking their name. I didn’t, and still don’t, quite understand the band genre but I must say that song really hooked up on me! It’s so unusual from the kind of music I usually listen and it evokes some strange feelings on me. I had to go see them live!

So I said yes, started listening to their lastest album “Helplessness Blues”, which by the way has some really amazing music, and on the 29th of November we went to their concert in Heineken Music Hall. If there’s one good thing about going to concerts in the Netherlands is that it’s always very organized and calm to get into the concert place. In 10 minutes we were in with all our jackets and backpacks on the proper places. Another band was on stage and they were OK. I couldn’t get its name tough.

All in all, Fleet Foxes concert was very good! The lead singer, Robin Pecknold, is a show on its own. His high pitch voice with that, agains all odds, charming american country accent fits perfectly with the emotional melodies coming from his acoustic guitar. At some point he was alone on the stage introducing us to a new song. Lights out, just a spotlight on him. It was sad, beautiful, wonderful. If you put this kind of super talent with a band that is in harmony and in sync you can get a very cool experience.

Morgan Henderson

The band was also great. Almost all band member were switching instruments between songs giving a very dynamic feel to the concert but these changes were a little too slow for my liking which created sometimes a boring gap between musics. I would also like to mention Morgan Henderson, the multi instrumentis of the band. He was playing from the double-bass to the maracas! The stage was very simple with just a big projection screen behind them displaying a bunch of abstract animations that changed with each song. No special effect, just music played by talented people.

Unfortunately I didn’t get touched by the concert. You know when you listen to a music that really connects to a particular feeling or a moment in you r life and it can almost brings you to tears or take your breathe away? I didn’t have that and that’s because I’m not a fan nor even close their work. But now I can say I am much closer and probably next time I will get all the chills and thrills of a fan.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the concert as well.